Portarlington Safe Harbour Completion FEB 2018


Portarlington Safe Harbour Completion FEB 2018

Exciting new infrastructure to last for generations to come

Portarlington Safe Harbour will deliver enormous benefits to local people, visitors to the Peninsula as well as the aquaculture industry.

Bellingham Marine Pty Ltd has built a 40-metre floating berth to sit alongside the inner edge of the commercial jetty.

The pontoon and gangway have been designed to support passengers boarding the ferry.

Parks Victoria appreciates the local community’s involvement in this project, attending community open days and contributing their views through various forums.

The almost completed Safe Harbour in late 2017.

Portarlington-Safe-Harbour-project (2017)

More Here http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/bays-rivers-and-ports/portarlington-pier/plans-and-projects/portarlington-safe-harbour-project

A berthing and anchoring map of the new safe harbour is here. (PDF 318kb)