2019 – 2020 PBDA Members Business Directory & NEWS

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2019 – 2020 PBDA Members Business Directory & NEWS

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BUILT A NEW FIRE STATION – on the cover of this directory is another example of the work and commitment of many people who over the years kept plugging away and finally it happened a new fire station which will keep Portarlington safe. What a year. The four projects highlighted has seen investment from the State Government and private entrepreneurs. Thanks to Lisa Neville, Daniels Donuts and Port Phillip Ferries for the creation of jobs, plus the talented staff at our school and the terrific volunteers from our C.F.A.

BUILT THE SAFE HARBOUR – and along came a ferry that linked Portarlington with Docklands and what a success. The number of people commuting each day on the 7am ferry to work had growth of 100% in the 18/19 year when compared to the 17/18 year. Many social/community groups travel to Portarlington on the ferry enjoy the Bellarine and spend in our town. The following is a quote from the Portarlington Golf Club C.E.O. Ron Stockdale. “The Port Phillip Ferry service to Portarlington has been the best thing that has happened in Portarlington and the Bellarine district. The business Community of Portarlington is enjoying the increased influx of visitors to our town, and we see a number of business opportunities stem from this wonderful first class service” Port Phillip Ferries are advertising continually in press and radio plus have promotions running throughout the year which promotes Portarlington and the Bellarine.

BUILT A NEW SCHOOL – this is another WOW after many years of hard work by the community we now have an amazing school. . The school is often raised by visitors who think the new building is amazing and are delighted that history has been recognised with the retention of The Heritage Building.

BUILT A NEW SHOP – Daniels Donuts arrived on Newcombe Street – and WOW did the people come from near and far for Daniels Donuts , pies, cakes, coffee and milkshakes. Daniel comes from a family of bakers and are residents of Portarlington. It is terrific to see the smiles on the faces of Daniel’s customers as they enjoy the product. On one Sunday the queue of both locals and visitors stretched down towards the bank and I was asked by one of the customers if I was a local and said yes and I asked where he was from and he replied Colac. I then asked if he was here with the family for the weekend and he said no my wife told me that the grandchildren were coming in the afternoon and he was to drive to Daniels at Portarlington and purchase two dozen assorted donuts and return to Colac. That’s the draw-card of Daniels Donuts.


2021 Portarlington Grand Hotel Update

A multi-million-dollar proposal has been lodged to enhance the functionality of the Grand Hotel while protecting its unique characteristics. CLICK IMAGE for MORE. Portarlington
Grand Hotel


Portarlington Town’s refurbished police station reopens. CLICK IMAGE for MORE. Portarlington
police station

2020-2021 Portarlington Directory Print .PDF – CLICK IMAGE

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Portarlington CFA Fire station FLAIM test.

Portarlington CFA Fire station FLAIM test. CLICK IMAGE for MORE. Portarlington
CFA Fire station FLAIM test